Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paper Piecings By Nikki DT Offering - The Total Plumbing Project - Photo Tag, Bookmark, and Candy Stix Mario Style

Mario, Luigi, and the Gang..........our grandchildren love them so Mama LoveBug had to get more mileage out of this collection at Paper Piecings By Nikki.........check out this "plumbing" project - the total plumbing, the bookmarks and candy stix, and the photo mat pull outs (you can put a picture behind it or it can be a journal spot):

This is the Super Plumbing Brothers Set - It's Mario Time and you can find this at Nikki's store located at

There's two things you need to know.

*Nikki is having a sale at her store!
*We're having a blog hop on Saturday, January 7, called Ringing in the New Year 2012 Paper Piecing Blog Hop, so schedule yourself for some "fun"!

Remember no matter how you piece your paper, have fun with it..........thanks for stopping by........cyberhugs..........Mama LoveBug!



Sue said...

Love your goodies!!!

Brenda said...

oh how cute!!!

Kim Ricketts said...

these are super cute! I love Mario Brothers! My sister and I used to draw the game out on paper and play when we weren't allowed to play it lol!