Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stephanie's Gorgeous Layout & Katie's Terrific Journal ♥

Hey Lovebug friends! Happy Wednesday! I hope you're week is going well. These Spring days are slipping by so quickly.
Here is a layout I created using Lovebug Creations' Rumple Ribbon and a Mama's Rose!

I used "Blue Bells" from the Gardens of Tara collection on my tag and a Mama's Rose in green. They are so gorgeous and fun to create with!! You can read more about this layout on my blog.
Thanks for letting me share!
The traveling journal has come around again... this time, the owner wants us to use words that inspire our art... so I did.  On the bottom a few quotes on the waterfall, which I cut to allow all three to be seen at the same time
I needed to hide the 'seam' of the waterfall and what better than Rumple Ribbon in Sunset?  Once in a while I do a project without Lovebugs Rumple, but it never looks as finished.  This really brought the whole piece together.  To add some movement, I put in a lot (A LOT) of brads in different finishes.
Here is a close up of the little canvas I made for my 'art'.

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Pamela Lash said...

Darling bunnies and lots of color and a great traveling journal idea!!