Friday, May 16, 2014

Dawn Mercedes Poppy Tutorial ♥

Hi! This is Dawn Mercedes from Sunnyside Up!
Using a Box Flower tutorial, I created poppies
 out of Simple Red Mama's Mesh from Lovebug Creations!

Very simply..
cut out four circles. (I used a die.)
Fold each circle in half and arrange them as you might fold down four box flaps.
I used red thread and put in a few stitches to secure my flower together.
Then, I sewed on a sunny yellow button!

The Green Leaves rumple ribbon was attached using Glue Dots...and I love the look
of the rumply leaves!  Poppy leaves are sort of jaggety!  

Don't you just LOVE poppies? 
I do!

Remember, this month, we want to see what kinds of flowers you can make using ribbons
and mesh from the Lovebug Creation's site!

Thanks for remembering us today!
Remember what comes this weekend...



Tanya said...

Gorgeous girl and so easy!! You rock!!

Crafting on Caffeine said...

Wow this is great