Friday, May 2, 2014

Dawn Mercedes Cupcakes & a Birthday Surprise for Kristi ♥

Hi!  Dawn Mercedes bringing YOU a fabulous platter of cupcakes...
wait, I guess you will need to make these for yourself.

Roll over to my blog, Sunnyside Up,  to find out how to make this darling cupcake display stand
that is embellished with the fantastically fun Rumple Ribbons from Lovebug Creations!
These colors are Panther Pink and  Crazy Coral from the Pink Lemonade Collection!

What is even better...I used Removable Glue Dots ®.
This way, I can change out the ribbons as the celebrations and seasons change!
B/c as we all know...cupcakes are good 365 days of the year.
You might as well have a sweet display stand for them too!
Happy Birthday, Kristi
 You are so sweet and we wanted to acknowledge your special day! We hope you have a fabulous birthday filled with all things crafty ♥

Mama Lovebug




Stephanie Eaken said...

Great cupcake stand Dawn!
Happy birthday Kristi!! You girls made some gorgeous cards!

Kristi said...

Thank you ladies!! Your projects are awesome and made me smile! I am on my way for the cupcakes!! LOL

Pamela Lash said...

Wonder project for yumminess, Dawn Mercedes! I'd like some of those myself! Happy B-day, Kristi! Kim and Tanya - you're super and so are your b-day blessings!

Crafting on Caffeine said...

awesome projects. Dawn, can I get a cupcake?

Dawn Barrett said...

Oh did I miss your bday? Well, I certainly ate at least one (if not 6) of those cupcakes for your bday!!