Monday, November 4, 2013

Mama's Mesh Monday w/ Christine, Kathy,Katie & Stephanie ♥

Hello Every-Buggy!!!
 DO you know what today is???
Well it's Mama's Mesh Monday of course but...
There's something different...
Mondays are now being created by Christine, Kathy, Katie and Stephanie!
Wow! Monday already?  What happened to the weekend?

I've been busy crafting this weekend and I created a cute project using three different kinds of Lovebug Creations ribbon that can be used as a decoration or to create a gift tag. Come on over to the Scarlet Calliope blog to read all about it!

Have a crafty week!

Christine Barker
Happy Monday LoveBug Friends!
It's Kathy, from Kathy and Kids, and it's now my turn to share with you on Mama's Mesh Mondays.
Today I have a fall themed card featuring a bit of Hallo-Mesh.

All the details are on my blog.
Have a great week and Thanks for stopping by!

Look at me - all grown up on the Momma's Mesh Monday!!  I used some black mesh and every buggy ribbon on this wine hanger.
I am having so much fun making these bottle hangers.  Since they don't have to fit in an envelope they can hang over and be as thick as I can possible make them!  This was hung from a bottle of bubbles (would have been nice to take a pic, huh!)
There is a lot of detail, so please feel free to stop by the blog for a bottoms up description.
Hi buggy friends!
Stephanie here today to share a project I made using Mama's Mesh. I am switching from Friday posts to Monday's now! How exciting! Change is good!!
I attended a baby shower yesterday for a friend who does not know her baby's gender.
Here is the card I made for her:
 On top of the green cardstock I added Mama's Mesh in White. I love the texture & dimension this gives to my card. I think it looks stunning! You can read more about my card on my blog.
Thanks for letting me share today!


Pamela Lash said...

Every one is a work of art - so beautiful and frilly!!
Cyberhugs.......Mama LoveBug

Dawn Carlyle said...

WOw - these projects are amazing!!!!!

Christine Kiehl said...

I love these cards! You are so creative! Thank you for sharing!

Stacey's Creative Corner said...

Wow! All of them are fabulous!!