Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wearable School Brooch - Fayette, Home of the Eagles

As Mama LoveBug promised, she'd post a picture of her third brooch.  This one is different in that it is not using SU paper or ink, but school paper.  I used Fayette, Home of the Eagles, to achieve the effect of the flower petals, and created a wearable school brooch. I'm going to try something similar with school paper for my granddaughters, so look for a Bryan, Home of the Bears, brooch coming soon.  Here's the finished product.  Thanks for strolling by.



Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

Such a great idea!

Tanya said...

LOVIN your creativity!! Keep them comin!!


Esther said...

Pretty darn cute!

Lovebug Creations said...

Love it Mom!!! Too bad you did make these last year when you were still teaching!! ;) But such a great idea! Can't wait to see the other schools!!!


The Archiving Angel said...

Hello~ glad you came by my blog during the hop. I appreciate your kind comments. I am now a follower of your blog as well.
It is a pretty blog.
I just love this brooch. Great job! You can customize this for any team or occasion. Just terrific!
Browsed some of your other works of art, super nice!!!
Crafty best wishes,

Staying Crafty said...

Super cute! What a fun project!

Scrappy Zeni said...

Very nice! talk about school spirit!! :) TFS!