Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Star!!!

Wanted to share with you all a card I made for my sweet friend, Tanya's, daughter! She was in a musical lately and while I couldnt be there I did get to see parts of it online! Plus I had the pleasure of hearing her sing on the phone! Oh my goodness does this girl have a voice! She seriously could give all those Idol kids a run for their money!!! I wanted to send her a card to let her know how amazing she is! So here it is!!



Tanya said...

OMGsh.. She will LOVE it!! You did such an AWESOME job!!! The outfit is like TOTALLY close to what she had on in the musical!!! You ROCK!!!


Liz said...

Really cute card

Cathy said...

What a sweet card, she will love it.

Sarah said...

Very cute card I love it!

Pamela Pattison Lash said...

What a darling card! Great job!

Esther said...

Cute, I'm sure she'll be thrilled.