Monday, June 2, 2014

Mama LoveBug's Mama - It's Your Birthday!!

It's your birthday, mama and so happy you are celebrating 92 years of living!!  
This is Mama LoveBug here today to say............Happy Birthday to my Mama!!

Mama's Rose and Peach Blossom from the Southern Sass LoveBug Creations Rumple Ribbon HERE
 are two of the ingredients in my tag greeting card in a box - mine has magnets on the back so it will adhere to a mirror for my mom!!

Add to this a straw, a big SVG flower, some lovely sentiments, and a paper doll (Janie's Dolls from Paper Wishes) and lots of love for Mom.

When I was a very little girl my mom introduced me to the joys of paper dolls - we would spend lots of time cutting them out by hand and dressing them up.  My long-standing love for all things paper doll has grown from that.  For this doll I stamped her three times to get the skin tone, the dress, and the hair from various papers and then I pieced her together.  When the project was finished, I sprayed it with Goosebumps Shimmer Spray for some sparkle and shine.  I added the magnet to the back and voila - my project for today.

Remember no matter how you bunch your blooms, rumple your ribbon, and piece your paper, have fun with it................happybirthday..........Mama LoveBug



Lovebug Creations said...

So very beautiful and I know grandma will love this!!! She's always loved paper dolls! I can remember her doing that with us when we were little too!!!

Stephanie Eaken said...

This is gorgeous!! Happy birthday to your mama!