Friday, June 27, 2014

Fun Lil Notepad w/ Dawn Mercedes ♥

Do you have a sweet neice?  
I sure do! 
Lately, this 4 year old with Skype with me...for an hour (or two) at a time.
Usually, it's sort of show and tell...or story telling...or questions.
I have learned more about her likes and personality as she lives in FL and I am in MI.
You just gotta love, love, love technology...

So, after a long conversation yesterday, here is what I learned...
Lily Loves blue and pink.
She likes Zebras.
She is a crafter.
She is organized.
She loves envelopes.

Here is what I created for her.
A medium sized note and blue and zebra striped.
She can doodle, write letters, use it to take food orders,
cut, stick, name it.
Paper can do anything!!

Here I used Panther Pink Rumple Ribbon, along with retired Zebra printed Fun Footz
to embellish this peronalized notepad.

So now, the next time Lily calls me on Skype, I will have sometihng to show...
and then mail her!



Crafting on Caffeine said...

This is adorable

Tanya said...

How sweet!!

Pamela Lash said...

I love it - I adore how you teamed up the zebra fun footz with the panther pink rumple ribbon!!