Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dawn Mercedes & Dorcas Brighten Up The Blog ♥

After a fabulous surprise party on my 40th bday,
 I have a very long list of thank you notes that need to go out to friends and family who helped make my day so special.
Today, I made five of these "Thanks a bunch" Cards.

I'm not one to "mass produce" cards.  But my list is long this time!

I love the orangey yellow hue of William Rumple Ribbon, that you can find in the Oh Ceclia collection
at Lovebug Creations.  The rhinestones also tie in the happy, sunny color.

So...I need about 22 more cards before starting on my thank you list!
Feel free to visit my blog, Sunnyside Up, to see what else I have created using Rumple Ribbon!
and now for Dorcas' project
Hi friends!

Today I'm sharing this cute cupcake topper I made for the Princess in Progress baby shower that I've been working on for what seems to be months.  (LOL).  I used simply white rumple ribbon since it goes best with the color scheme.  Please be sure to visit my blog for more details.

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Pamela Lash said...

Lovely colorful card, Dawn Mercedes - lots of work went into this!!

Dainty treat, Dorcas - love the precious colors!

Cyberhugs..........Mama LoveBug