Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dawn Mercedes Pretty Poppy & Dorcas' Pretty Princess ♥

Good Morning, Every Buggy!!!!
I made this hair bauble for myself now that my hair is growing out ..and I LOVE it. And...apparently so does my DD (after she saw the finished piece).  I guess it's hers now!

I used a felt base and stitched a large bobble pin into the felt after this flower was made. Simply Red makes such a GREAT poppy flower.

So, I have such a greater respect for all you ribbon flower makers out there!  Here are a couple of tips I learned (the hard way).

1.  Go with the flow.  A flower and it's petals are not perfect. Don't sweat the small stuff.
2.  Be careful with that hot glue!  If you have a strand stick to your ribbon, it will look less than desirable. In that case, read tip #1 again.
3.  Add another layer of ribbon on top of any glue smudges.  Or ACCESSORIZE with Rhinestones!
4. But, if you add hot glue to rhinestones, they might not be as shiny any more. So make a small dab of hot glue, wait 1/2 a second...and THEN add the rhinestone.
5.  Practice makes perfect.  So, buy plenty of your favorite colors of Rumple Ribbons from Lovebug Creations.  Hmmm.... Sunset or Green Leaves will be my next endeavor. Although, I might be snatching that poppy for my own use too!

Have a SIMPLY RED letter day!
Dawn Mercedes, of Sunnyside Up
Hi friends. 

I am super excited to show you Mama's Mesh!  I made this cute princess card using this fabulous mesh and rumple ribbon in "Sugar Plum". Go check it out!  It's amazing! 

Don't forget to come check out my blog! Hope to see you there!!!


Dawn Barrett said...

OH...I love the match up of the different products from Lovebug creations!! ooh lala!!

Dawn Carlyle said...

Two things - (1). I LOVE that hair ribbon - like how you put the bobby pin on it - I hadn't thought of that before... and (2). Where did the purple ribbon come from? I haven't seen that before - love the mesh with it too!