Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stephanie's "You Deserve A Break" Teacher Card

Hey buggy friends! It's my turn again to share a creation on the blog. Today I have made a card for my daughter's teacher for the end of school. Yes,we still have 6 weeks left, but in my mind, it's never too early to start planning!

I used this fabulous glitter cardstock from The Robin's Nest and Simply White Rumple Ribbon from the Lovebug Creations'store. I think it's my new favorite ribbon color!! You can check out my blog for more information!

Thanks for letting me share with you guys! Have a great day!



Pamela Lash said...

Super idea - teachers don't get enough appreciation (in my opinion) - the Simply White Rumple Ribbon really gives your card such elegance!.....cyberhugs.........Mama LoveBug

Juliet A said...

LOL - what a cute idea!

Dawn Carlyle said...

What a clever idea!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a neat idea