Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kimi's Super Surprise Birthday Blog Hop


We at LoveBug Creations are super excited to share Kimi's special day with you! Since we are mother-daughters and we share this blog, it's been rather a challenge to keep this quiet, but hopefully we've surprised Happy Birthday, Sweetie, and Little Sis!!

First of all we want to say thank you to the CT and Guests for participating in this!  Here's the line-up of talented "buggies" who are showcasing their affection for Miss Birthday Girl:

I (Missy) bet you are picking yourself up the floor with such a shock - me crafting!  Yes, I did and I absolutely had the best time using the newest Rumple Ribbon collections to make you a twisted rumple ribbon bracelet - love the colors and love you!

Aren't those colors gorgeous!! Great job, Missy!!

Well, Kim, another year older and yet I (Mama LoveBug) remain the same - 39 so you must have been born when I was 8.......hummmm, well, maybe that's not quite right!?!  I can still remember you as a child screaming at strangers and hating to get your hair washed; pointing out "people in buggies" as we traveled to Ft Wayne; being sad when your sisters told you were adopted (which wasn't true) as they showed you the birth certificate of a Cabbage Patch doll (hey, you couldn't read yet so you didn't know they were messing with you); and begging GG to open just one more present at Christmas time when you were supposed to be in bed, waiting for Santa to drop by! And what about the time you did something unmentionable at the dinner table when Jennifer had her first boyfriend as a guest.........ah yes, there are so many memories of you growing up - Daisy Scouts, Synchronized Swimming, Lightshines, the saxophone, and cheerleading.  You've grown into a wonderful daughter, wife, and mother.  We are blessed to have you in our lives!

I (Mama LoveBug) know you are a very loyal Hicksville Ace's Fan so I made you a paper brooch to wear at the kids' events - can you spot the LoveBug Creations White Simply Sheer?

Next, I spent a lot of time viewing tutorials to learn to make a 3-D paper armoire - can you spot Mama's Mesh and our new Dahlia rumple ribbon? Like the faux drawer and the handmade buttons?
And what's an armoire without a tag - the new greeting card for the b-day gal? Do you see the new Blue Bells rumple ribbon too?
You are truly Queen for the Day!!

We hope you like your gifts!
Happy Birthday - there will be paddlings with the cheeseboard later and potato soup to make it better!!.....LOL
Bye from Missy and Mama!
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Stacey's Creative Corner said...

Oh my goddness! That bracelet is amazing and Mama Lovebug, I love each and every one of your projects! That broach is amazing!!! I would really love to witness the paddlings with the cheeseboard! hahaha! Happy Birthday Kimi!!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday sister from another mister!! Hope you were surprised!! Missy.. great bracelet!! How creative too!! mama.. LOVE LOVE your projects! Your broach is simply amazing!!

Christine Barker said...

Wow! A project from Missy! This must be a very special day! :)

And Mama Lovebug, what a sweet, sweet project! Kimi will just love them!

Great job, Ladies! Way to keep it quiet, too! :)

Lovebug Creations said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I had to pick myself up off the floor seeing Missy created something! That is AMAZING! And I love the bracelet...Makes me think of something we would have made as girls..we must have made millions of em :) Thank you so very much!!!! And Mom...aside from mentioning certain am touched!!! I adore the brooch! And the armoire/tag!! LOVE!!! Thank you both so much for making my day extra sneaky devils you ♥

Connie Wallenbrock said...

These are some awesome goodies!! That bracelet rocks!! I want instructions!! LOL! And the brooch and tag are just so special!! But I have to say I loved the stories about Kimi best!! Happy Birthday Kimi!

Vickie said...

Awesome projects.

Happy Birthday Kimi

Stephanie Eaken said...

Amazing projects from all! I love the bracelet Missy! Great job! And Mama, the armoire is gorgeous as is the tag & card! And that brooch-WOW! Y'all have made Kimi's b-day so special!

Kristi said...

Such awesome projects! They are all fantastic! Happy Birthday Kimi!! HUGS♥

Dawn Barrett said...

Kimi is going to enjoy wearing both of these artistic and beribboned pieces!! Way to go ladies!!!

Dawn Barrett said...
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Zeni said...

You guys totally rocked Kimi's birthday!!! Missy, so glad that you joined everyone and what a great bracelet! I must get instructions because my kids would absolutely love that! The colors are fantastic. And Mama Lovebug, your brooch is GORGEOUS!!!!!! She's going to love wearing that to the any functions she may have with kids! Card is beautiful as well. Great job ladies and Happy Birthday Kimi!

Golden Goddess Designs said...

absolutely beautiful gifts!! I love the button for sporting events! great job! and Happy Birthday Kimi!!

Crafting on Caffeine said...

this bracelet looks awesome! I love the amorie also.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Kimi!! I love the bracelet and am sure she'll love the brooch as well! Great job on the armoire card and the gift tag!