Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The LoveBugs Hit the Trifecta - The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Thank you to these three gals for selecting us as worthy of this crafty world award 

(for Kimi) Tanya from Scrappin KY Momma at

(for Mama LoveBug) Judy from Cards By Judy located at http://cardsbyjudie.blogspot.com/

(for Mama LoveBug) Donna from Donna’s Dreamworks located at http://donnasdreamworks.blogspot.com/

Here are the rules for this award.  First you must thank the person who sent it to you (well, duh, of course)

Share seven things about yourself.
For Kimi
1. I am completely addicted to the Casey Anthony Trial.... Have been since July 16th, 2008 when Caylee was first reported missing and have not missed ONE court session via TV/Computer since!
2. I won the Imagine back in January via a facebook contest hosted by Provocraft-Jinger!
3.Out of everything I've made mini albums are my favorite!
4. Lovebug Creations was my idea and am so grateful my mom and sis agreed to join in on it! Esp since Mama has been way more crafty then I! :)
5. I have met the most amazing crafty friends since I started and wouldn't trade them for the world!
6. I wish I was a better stamper/color-er! ;)
7. I am the mother of 3 amazing kiddos who will be getting a new sibling around Thanksgiving...hence the lack of crafting lately :)
For Mama LoveBug
1. I never liked the color pink until ten years ago.
2. My first passion is genealogy.
3. I have an extensive collection of BBC/Masterpiece Theatre/Mystery DVD's.
4. I won a Kindle recently and love, love it.
5. My second passion is making brooches from paper.
6. My favorite food is anything Italian!
7. I taught high school English and social studies for 38 years.

Next we must pass this great award on to 7 fellow crafters.  Here is our list:
5. Laurie Cass-Griggs www.lauriestar.blogspot.com

Check out all these super talented crafters for yourselves.



Lillian Child said...

Thank you so much, Pamela!!

LaurieStar said...

Thanks so much for this shout out and for visiting my blog! I have been super busy with school ending for my kids that I haven't had time to respond until now. I appreciate your note! :)